June 30, 2008

Install AdSense Code

After you learn what is prohibited and by AdSense and what is enable, such as on the Term and Conditions said, the you need to install Adsense code that you get from your Adsense account after you login and setup.

To install Adsense Code into your article should in a suitable place, and don’t look messy. Adsense team advices there are three strategic positions to install the code on page. The first position in the right side or in the left side of your page, for this one you can choose for vertical sky scraper with dimension 160 x 600, the right width depend on your column width. The second position is on the top or on the bottom of your article, for this one you can choose for horizontal like 728 x 90 pixel. The last position is in between your article or after your post that is usually use dimension of 468 x 60 pixels.

On the upper position you can put for AdSense unit with dimension of 728 x 15 with five links or 468 x 15 pixels with four unit links. Adsense team always advice fill the space room on your site or blog using AdSense unit. This Adsense unit also have many dimension depend on your column width.

The other Adsense kind to advertise is Adsense for Referral, for referral unit you will be paid after the reader click and sign up for this referral member. If they only click this referral, you will not be paid.

As imagination on how this Adsense code install in website or webpage, such as image bellow.

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