June 10, 2009

Write Just Good Article

This info just new for me, not new enough but actually very important and just make me understand that what Google term and condition write in are not playing and can be proofed immediately by all of you.

As the term and condition on Google and other service term and conditions, always be written that your article should have high quality. Sometime we just copy and paste the article and at the first we just enjoy it because we can take a benefit from them even get money from just copy and paste because Google search machine also index for this article URL.

After several days immediately may be you can check your article availability on search engine, and then you really surprised. Your article is not index again and can’t be found if using search tools, either in Google or in Yahoo. What is that mean?

Google will keep your article with very careful, google just keep index of qualified articles and have many inbound link. Article with only short sentence will not index in long time, because this just make full of server memory, and wasting memory, and your article will deleted by server memory. Why the computer can filter those kind of file, this just IT job, and may simple for them.

Article with just duplicate contains like others also will deleted from memory, articles with just unused not qualified picture also will deleted. You can try to your blog if you don’t understand and still doubt of to my opinion about this.

Sometimes you write an article and just in few minutes google will index your article, but you never check again the existence of your article by search engine. How to check your article existence, just go to Good Articles. Maybe after several days you still create a link to that article and this is wasting your time, because that article is not index anymore, and links in not count again but still useful if you click to direct to that article.

Actually google will not index again your article in just several days, and sometime just in one day your article will not index anymore by google machine. You can try it. So the important think we should create a Good article that is useful for other people. Good article means good language, good story, good contains and others good. So don’t waste your time to write every day with unused article and published

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