September 2, 2013

Car Efficiency

Your car must be cheap price, highly fuction, fuel efficient, comfortable, safe, and the last is low cost operation. For operational car need four of the five requirement of the car except comfortable because it should be strong and highly function and with low price in order become the prefer transportation vehicle. To make the price is quite low, this include on how this car is produced and distribute, because this also need cost.

Operational cost in China become special intense, they modify how the car can be produced, what the material can be used, and how the car will distribute. Look on the picture below how their effort to make more efficient.

April 17, 2013

Popular Post on Blogspot

If you want to know what is your popular post on Blogspot you can make them always visible all the time. To make them visible you must sign in to your account and go to the layout. On Layout then you can change or remove unecessary part on your website after click edit, of course you must select one of your blog if you have more than one.

You can observe by yourself what actually your blogpost title often merge or often looking for by visitor. For example on this blog the most popular post overall the time as follows:

Make additional visitor to your site
Create good blog name
How to get 3000 dollar a month with adsense
Page rank
Create keyword in your post
Adsense google post
Adsense click price
Create subdomain
Write just good article
Adsense click price

Then I know so many people have problem on the above topics, and also we know the other topic on this blog are not too interesting to the visitor.

March 31, 2013

Promote Your Blog

Writing blog like to do never ending job, after you writing down to fill your article into your blog then you must promote your blog. The promotion can in your blog in other articles either in your other blog to make link into your blog.

Not all your articles will famous but only some of your article in each blog will be the most article read by visitors. You can collected your most famous article to promote again into other article by make a link into your blog article in order your article has strong impression in search engine.

Especially for adsense blog you must write an article that follow the rule of google adsense term and condition otherwise your blog will can't merge adsense image and ofcourse can't get money from your blog. You can't named your blog with similar name with adsense or blogger, because this will be banned to view adsense advertising.

August 5, 2012

Adsense Earning Down

This possibly different between each other about Adsense income, but thousand people will have the similar problem as me. The source of this problem because of the click value getting down every time. Even the number of click and the visitor number increasing but the accumulation of earning not like as like before. Even the number of articles is increasing over time but Adsense earning even more down since last March until now.

Please comment from you all blogger that read my blog here, if you have the similar problem as me, or you have another experience better than me, you also can write some comment on this post.

I know that many people have bored to write their experience, especially good experience because it's mean will compete with their blog or even other people can copy and paste on their blog. But experience people from your comment will help us and can be a guidance on our next step. And we are also will thanks you, and hope you will get prize from the God because of your kindness. Thank you.

July 16, 2012

Dream Time High Revenue of Adsense

To get a high income from Adsense can be said as a dream because mostly of blogger in the world get very small of money from Adsense. I said this because this really need hard working and can't forget what should be done on every step to reach this target.

Every Adsense income tips on the internet should be observed and followed if it sound very realistic, and of course this is very difficult to be consistent to follow. For example you must create many link or many people said with link building in a day and this will accumulate after 6 months, and this mean a hard work to make this can be realized. This all is discuss more detail if you go to some discussion about SEO, to make your page have high rank.

The last critical point on reach the target is how to make your page have huge visitors, because this is the key to make money are visitors that come to your page. Without huge visitors you can't get big money. The possibility of click in high value or revenue is many clicks come from your pages. How to get high visitors? As on the previous advise, you must promote link from many social website. This is also need hardwork and consistently to create link there. If you stop to create link there, your page will have lessen visitors and will get lessen money.