July 27, 2008

Create Good Blog Name

Create your blog name using the right name and this name will always relate to your blog contains. Your blog contains always contain that represent your main blog name, because the title of your blog will serve as tag name of your URL. If you always post your article in relate with your blog URL this will enforce of your URL in webserver. Don't create any article that don't relate with your blog name or URL.

Other way is create link to your blog URL with only certain words that you used to link to your blog e.i. Adsense, google adsense and adsense tips or others. These always use to link to your URL name. Older your blog, more and more external link that is used link to your URL that is used the same name. To make faster you get external link, usually blogger make exchange link with other bloggers.

This way may need long time but sure, some website administrator buy a link to make their web faster get a high rank in web server like Google. They always use the same word to create a link to their URL, or just use 3 words that link to them.

External link can get between blogger and other web service, if you link from your URL in with your friend in too its mean you make internal link not external link. You can make external link between your blog in with wordpress blog for example, or you create a link to, this is an external link. If you have upgrade your blog in using your domain name this also an external link.

If your blog want fast reach on the first page in Google or Yahoo, you must choose your blogger name with a very selective name. You can try on Google search using certain word, then you get your competitor number like 16 million have the same name or lessen. If you just have 100,000 to 700,000 this is a good name for your blog. Using this name you can fast to get on the first page after many post article into your blog.

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