August 26, 2008

AdSense Click Price

This blog is about AdSense, and will talk all about AdSense problem. AdSense is other name of advertiser group on Google that should pay with a certain calculation as their agreement and as advertiser’s self determination.

Not all AdSense publisher like us in their website or Google will get big money from their advertisement that put in their website or blog, because not all publisher set their click with a higher money. If they identify what is their advertisement will install such as in then only on this web their advertisement will merge or certain website can put a higher price of every AdSense click on their website so that only AdSense advertiser that set their AdSense with a suitable price can be merge in those website. So that is why if your site or your blog will not get a higher income.

Blog in blogspot have vary price value of their AdSense advertisement click, this variation can span from $ 0.1 to $ 10 but if some advertiser set their price high then will not merge in blogspot. So if you have a well known website you can set your click price on your website, of course your web must commercial web, not free web. Advertiser using AdWord can set their click price, if they set their price too low and make their AdSense can only merge in Blogspot or other free website.

Want see my advice before you change your web or blog into paid blog or pair web. See you NEXT week.

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