February 9, 2011

How to get 3000 Dollar Month with Adsense

How to get $3000 a month with adsense? I think it is possible but you need work hard and work smart to find reach this possibility. Some blogger think this possibility with their idea, and all of they think is right but also wrong, the below text copy of their discussion:

From Yusuff Jaffar:
My most favourite method to make money online is by using adsense. The conversion strategy is easy compare to affiliate marketing or using own product. But I still studying about this method. Can anybody share about somebody that may already achieve this level. Generally to make $30,000 per month, we need $1000 per day. $1000 per day with one site is very hard but not with small site. If one small site make $1 per day, we need 1000 site. Is it possible?
Please share your thought...

From Packerfan:
Obviously if you can find a method that works and scale it, you'll be successful. While the ambition is great to make $30,000/month, why not focus on making 1 profitable site. Then replicate that to another site, then another, then another, then another.

Then after 5 successful sites, hire someone to work with you, train them in your method, and have them and yourself building sites. Then when you reach another threshold, say 50 profitable sites, hire 2 more people, etc. That's how you can build your empire.

From Lary Haywood:
Sounds good in theory but getting 1000 sites to make even just 1.00 a day may prove difficult. At one time I had around 60-70 sites thinking I could do what you mentioned. I found out that I just did not have the man power or enough hours in the day to handle that many sites and get them to make money. I agree with Packerfan. Start with a few sites maybe and get them all making money and then possibly expand when you have sites earning and you have free time.

From White Bread:
Of course it is possible if you can getthe right amount of traffic. theres people making over 150,000 a month. The guy who owns makes that much withadsense. Joel comm makes about 45,000 a month with adsense.

From Geral Gigerl:
Possible for sure, when you managed to get it done, show me how you did it!

From Devid Farah:

Hi yusufjaafar,
I would not even bother attempting to create 1,000 sites, for a start they won’t all make $1 per day. All you need is one good idea. There is one 3 page golf site on the ‘net that brings its owner $1000+ dollars a day in adsense, this just shows simple and smarter is sometimes far better.

All the best,

From Matt Helphrey:

Anything is possible but not plausible without the right plan and course of action. There are many business models to succeed with Adsense...and massively!

It all starts with being able to get traffic. And I think you would have a better chance to gain more traffic and have more success by using fewer websites. 10 websites are manageable. 100 websites not so much. 1000 websites...don't do it. Why not put up 5 websites with 200 pages each?

From 4 more referrals:
Google gives a case study of a Home Improvement DIY site that posts articles and videos on home improvements How To's etc. Google indicates the owners daily Adsense avg is $1,400 per day from a single site.

From Cooler1:
The owner of plenty of fish is making that much every 3 days although for most people it would be very hard.

The better way would be to build 10 authority site's which make $100/day although these take time to develop so you'll likely need to outsource some of the process and do some solid research and planning.

From Alexmw106:
If you make 1000k a day wtf are you doing it with adsense. Build a frickin product. Use adsense to test sites once you read a certain amount of money look for better montization methods. just suck a ball ache having 1000 sites to look after makein 1000k a month plus you cant even affford a manager to look after them with that money.

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