September 19, 2008

Create Subdomain

If we purchase a domain through Blogger Blog then your domain will directed to Google Apps, then we can add service to your domain such as email with a certain address like You can also setup your subdomain name through your Dashboard that is inform your through your application email.

From dashboard you will know the PIN number to enter Advances DNS Setting, copy or remember this PIN then click More Service.

Enter your PIN number to Google App Engine then click Add it now. After you enter your sub domain setting you can create your sub domain as many as you want. Such as My subdomain below:

This subdomains automatically have register to the server that sell domain to you. But if you want use this subdomain for blogger blog, you must delete this subdomain name in Google Apps but will not delete in domain server so you can use the same name for your sub domain name in blogger. Those one my experience to day, hope you can enjoy it.

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