November 4, 2008

Increase Blog Page Rank

If you love to create blog, you can monetize your blog, you can get money from your blog. So if you jump to this purpose of your blog been created to resulting money, you must work with a direction and rule. The rule and direction actually huge in internet, but sometime vary and you can’t choose what the right is and what just in the skin.

Google itself have a guideline on how to create your blog, if your articles is original and useful to Google library, automatically your blog will easy merge in the first page on Google or Yahoo search this mean your article have high page rank, but if your article just copy from others, its mean that many of others also copy like you and the originality will compare by server, and the article date will considerate by Google or Yahoo server. This all include in article quality of yours, grading by Google machine directly.

Originality not always get high rank on search engine, but the quality and useful content will consider next. Article quality always contains information in detail and can be a reference by other writer or blogger who work on the internet. High quality article have minimum 1000 word and many links that refer to related text, like to well-known website, wiki dictionary or News paper online. Google machine will only grading this article and website by Page Rank, if you refer to article or web with high rank this mean that your article has valuable reference. But if your article refers to only article with low rank then machine may just no rank like this one. Internet just use article reference by their link, not say to you like as I say that I talk this as on other article said or website address but no link like this, if with no link then internet will no calculate that statement, but people will respect for. So that is the different between people and internet, people more tolerate for this, machine always to the point.

Good quality article to people and machine also have different perceptions, people always assume good article if article or blog contains is useful for them, but machine will has a different assessment of good blog, and machine will calculate the qualify with Page Rank. Like on this article, if I want use blog word as meta-tag, so on this article must have many blog word. If I want this article using Page Rank so I must use Page Rank word as many as possible. Page rank word and blog word should include on your article and always say in many times, so this way can increase page rank. So that is the key of how to increase page rank of articles.

Page rank is not just of your main Blog address or your main Website address; page rank also will count to your every blog article address, so this is difficult to increase page rank each. Page rank may complicate or complex, not just have many inbound link be calculated, but outbound link also will calculate as reference. So how many of your blog have page rank or minimum have rank one, may be none, so that is why people rare to reach your certain article on your blog.

Getting this page rank calculation of your article, may need work hard every day, create link from qualified website to your article and just link to qualified article. But if you have no qualified article, so you can’t create inbound link. But don’t worry create blog as how you are work now, sometime some of your article have page rank, and from this you can make other page have page rank. More your article url have page rank, more other article can create a high rank from yours.

Promote article sometime can make drop your page rank on Google but next time will increase your article but may need long time. But the point, to promote article can increase traffic, this is right, but increase page rank, but increase page rank have many parameters will effect. For the first time I just create link to Google and Yahoo, but next time I will create to my other article that is related to contain and anchor word. So there will many home work for us as blogger, but don’t worry and don’t always think about page rank - page rank - page rank - page rank, and be relaxed. Let’s work with statistic. This is making us more relax, because the possibility is always fair on using.

If you have create for many blogs then after 3 months, you can predict, what is good blog and what is bad. Bad mean there is rare of traffic, and difficult on having rank. So you better to concentrate to this blog and make as many as link to this blog and create many high quality contains on this blog. Then observe to every article, look if there is a good rank from your article, if don’t you can create inbound link to your old article with bad rank, then you will get traffic to those article, and automatically those article can increase page rank in the next time. Ok I think this is much enough and time to you can begin to try then tell me what happen after a month.

Statistic will say if you have 20 blogs address, then you will get about 4 blogs with good rank. If you have a hundred blogs then you will about have 20 blog with high rank. Be watching. If you have 20 blogs with high rank, then just 4 of your blog will get a high traffic. Is that right if you try to get a high traffic to all of your blog, you will wasting your time. Just simple think work more to where who give you much money.

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  1. You must understand the formula like on this site Simple Formula. As on the database mathematics there are an statement that Null is different with zero (o), null means nothing, if something time to null the result will null so be careful!!!
    If 2 + Null the result also Null?? or no pagerank, like this site sometime have rank 1 and sometime nothing. But no problem.

    But If on the calculation formula base is added by Nz([Null]) then the null value become zoro, and your site will no effect if link by no rank site.


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