May 24, 2009

Create A Keyword

Do you know what the keyword of your article on your blog or your web page? This is that I know what is the keyword is. Keyword is your blog title, keyword is your bold letter or special letter in your article and the last I know keyword is the anchor link word on your articles.

Google has a beautiful keyword tool that helps us to learn almost
everything we need to know about a keyword. You can find that tool here:

Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Using this tool, you can take any of the 5 general topics you came up with, and find out approximately how many times they are searched for per month. Additionally, you can find out how many times related keywords are searched for per month.

Exercise: Go to the tool, type in just one of your ideas, fill in the picture image (it’s called a CAPTCHA), and click ‘get keyword ideas’. You will then see something like this:

As you can probably deduce, I used ‘cell phones’ when I ran the tool. Thus, the tool returned a bunch of cell phone related keywords along with some additional information about each keyword. The keywords are in the left column and the search volume that we want to look at is in the column labeled Approx Avg Search Volume.

Important Fact: As is, this isn’t all of the information we need so we’re going to do some configuration to the tool.

The first thing we need to do is click the drop down menu labeled ‘Match Type’. We need to change it from ‘Broad’ to ‘Exact’. A broad-match search for cell phones in this case would return the total search volume of all keywords that contained the word ‘cell’ and the word ‘phones’. In other words, ‘Motorola cell phones’ and ‘Nokia cell phones would be added to the total and this isn’t what we want. We want to know how many times the keyword ‘cell phones’ itself is searched for without the addition of any other keywords.

Please share your opinion about keyword here and hope want to discus. Like on this article there are 20 words as keyword, so this word will be a keyword of this article. So you can try by yourself on your article of course to create many other keywords. All you have learn here is one of the SEO tools use in their articles..

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