June 24, 2009

How To Check Your Updated Blog

You have many blogs, and don't now what blog have updated this moths. You can try with this method on your web browser. I usually use Google browser to check this and rare use of Yahoo browser, so may be there is any different menthod.

To check your new article on your blogs, just type "" on browser but before you click search button you must go first to Advance Search. On there you can set what you want to see, like from where, what language, from time, from where country and so on. Especially for from time you can limited by month, it is mean the data that will so just on the last month blog updated.

Beside you can check your blog on the last month period, you also can check what article that you have published but not index anymore by Google, look like on the link below is an example of the result after search from the last one month period of my domain

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