May 10, 2010

Internet Advertising

Google give a bonus free advertising on their site, this voucher is valid until 14 of May 2010, and after that time the bonus will unavailable. If you have a business that effective if promoted through internet you can try it. This bonus if free just for 40 times of click, so just 40 person will have opportunity to see your advertising on the internet, after that they can confuse to looking for your advertising more. I think this is the one of marketing strategy from Google to give their customer to see how effective sales through internet. If they feel very effective then they may can continue apply their advertisement on the internet.

Google distribute their letters by post, not by email. Why is this done? This is also one of Google marketing strategy if their advertising will read by all their customer, not just read and delete like we always done on our email. Post mail currently very rare and almost all of us prefer use email to advertise our product or service, but the result can be sure not effective anymore. Because post office is different with email, if you get letter you will directly open it, because very rare mail carrier come to your home.

The possibility of marketing success is depend on how much person who receive letter that involve with business, if most of them don’t have a business, this make reduce the success result of their advertising. If Google sent to 10,000 letters to their customer, Google may have 500 person to try applying advertising on the internet. From 500 peoples may just 50 peoples continue advertise their product on Google. From 50 people Google will receive about 25,000,000 rupiah or less per moths. Not bad of using this strategy but their income will reduce every month, because their customer will not all feel real benefit from internet advertising.

I also promoting my database on the internet, but I feel not effective. Because my database is just use for distributor and shop, and internet community may not from this environment so they will not interested to my advertising. Also for general product advertising will more effective if purpose to certain people or organization that filter first before send of certain advertising.