July 30, 2011

How to get Adsense Click

This Tips are come from other website, if you want to try please read and pay attention to the content of this tips:

Contents = try to have 1000 key phrase rich content. High CTR = optimize the placement of the adsense code. TT = Traffic is targeted

Yes that's it. The "Adsense Formula" is just a matter of basic math and as we all know anyone can learn math. But we are not yet finished. The variables that make up the Adsense Formula is the key to your success. Why do they see as a variable, because the elements Adsense constantly change and YOU are in full control. Imagine an indoor plant and variable. Sunlight, Soil PH, CO2, Fertilizer, and Water. You control every variable and if everyone acted highly optimized then you will have plants that grow fast and healthy. If you are highly optimize each adsense variable then you will in turn receive a healthy plant with rapid adsense income. Now we have an understanding let's evaluate "Adsense Formula" is.

Adsense Content

Keywords are a bad idea! Whether the price is high or not. In fact do not choose high paying keywords, not because of saturation of SEO experts, but because the keywords are too broad. Adwords is ying and Adsense is that. broad keywords that have a low payment and ctr. You want to target keyphrases, so your site only displays ads adsense who pay higher, not only received 0.15 cents from adsense ads. There are plenty of free online content, but it is best to use unique content for search engines. To accomplish this hire a writer or choose niche subjects that you know, so you can write your own articles and e-book. Do not make your site based on money, make based on your interests. Example: My interest are computers and networks.

Adsense CTR

Optimal placement of ads is at the heart of high adsense ctr. There are four locations on a Web page that receives the most clicks.

1. Just above the fold. Fold is the end of the page that you can see without
to scroll.
2. Along the left column.
3. In the content if the content is very interesting and informative.
4. At the end of your content.

Adsense ad format effects ctr is good or not, depending on them are placed in the right place. Box has an click the most, starting from the largest and so on. Ads should blend with your page. Only the title of the link must have different colors of text and url. No borders unless red or yellow. They attract the viewer's eyes. Link color should match your site's link, but the blue and red work the best. Greatly increase your adsense CTR by 400% by placing the image linked above or to the left of adsense ads.

Targeted Traffic That Very High

Yes, there is a difference between targeted traffic and targeted traffic who are very high. Someone looking for an online business would be targeted traffic to this article, but someone looking for adsense business would be a very high-targeted traffic. Why high quality traffic? Your CTR will be amazing and wonderful because all the traffic you will find YOUR site. Do not be surprised if you have certain days where 97% of your visitors clicked an adsense ad. Do not use traffic exchanges or links from other sites unless their content is similar to yours.

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