October 8, 2011

Adsense Means To me

Adsense for me just mean for additional pocket money. The money that I earn from Adsense still can't means significantly for me. Adsense can't become liquid every month, just every about 3 months I can't make this money liquid. This money can accumulate until 500 dollar or if I can be patient will wait until 1000 dollar just then I open my pending payment.

Some reason that may causing this I never use many own domain, I just use free hosting or never use paid hosting. If you have experience on using paid domain and get more money please share here and comment on my this posting blog to make other blogger more sure to use paid hosting. I also buy domain but this domain locate on free hosting and the Adsense result still don't effective.

Posting everyday on your blog is the key, at least make your blog have many visitors, this is right but make more money from your blog not guaranteed. To make significant money from our blog need more experience and need some trick, because more long and learn about blog you will understand what kind the article or accumulate of many articles on your blog can make more money. As I know just this until this blog is written.

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