August 5, 2012

Adsense Earning Down

This possibly different between each other about Adsense income, but thousand people will have the similar problem as me. The source of this problem because of the click value getting down every time. Even the number of click and the visitor number increasing but the accumulation of earning not like as like before. Even the number of articles is increasing over time but Adsense earning even more down since last March until now.

Please comment from you all blogger that read my blog here, if you have the similar problem as me, or you have another experience better than me, you also can write some comment on this post.

I know that many people have bored to write their experience, especially good experience because it's mean will compete with their blog or even other people can copy and paste on their blog. But experience people from your comment will help us and can be a guidance on our next step. And we are also will thanks you, and hope you will get prize from the God because of your kindness. Thank you.

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