April 17, 2013

Popular Post on Blogspot

If you want to know what is your popular post on Blogspot you can make them always visible all the time. To make them visible you must sign in to your account and go to the layout. On Layout then you can change or remove unecessary part on your website after click edit, of course you must select one of your blog if you have more than one.

You can observe by yourself what actually your blogpost title often merge or often looking for by visitor. For example on this blog the most popular post overall the time as follows:

Make additional visitor to your site
Create good blog name
How to get 3000 dollar a month with adsense
Page rank
Create keyword in your post
Adsense google post
Adsense click price
Create subdomain
Write just good article
Adsense click price

Then I know so many people have problem on the above topics, and also we know the other topic on this blog are not too interesting to the visitor.

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