June 15, 2008

New Adsense Link Units

Search in AdSense

To search something in AdSense for search wizard, should write in a complete URL. If only write* will generate error message. For search certain URL must be right in a valid URL, but if you remove the asterisks sign, google still able to find your site.
  • Write entire sites, such as will include all the pages on
  • Search part of sites with entering will include all pages after the /photos path. Google can’t your site with write asterisk as a part of address such as*photos* to search file on that have the word “photo” in the URL.
  • Asterisk AdSense Setup wizardAsterisk sign still allow in the setup wizard, the old AdSense Unit code feature can be import to be a new manageable ad code, user will return the code without generate new Adsense unit code when click ‘Submit and get code’. To get new ad units can still be generated from scratch through the ‘get ads’ link.

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