July 2, 2008

Generate AdSense Code

To install Adsense code to your website or your blog, the important think you must be able to open your blog or site in HTML mode. But not all website host administrators enabled you to apply advertising paid like from Adsense or others advertiser.

On getting Adsense code you must login first to your Adsense account, and will show directly to Adsense Report. Click Adsense setup tab in that upper page. On this Adsense setup, there are three different codes that you can create and you must select one of this type to create the code.
The first is Adsense for content, when you select this type, then you select the model that will merge in your site, advertising with text only, with text and image or image only. The you must determine the dimension of those advertising, there are many dimension for this, you should try for this one, then you must customize the color for this code that is suitable with your site environment. Border color, title color, background color and advertiser URL color. You will be paid if user or visitor to your site clicks this advertisement.

Adsense for search; adsense for search have two main choice now, the result search will merge in the new page or the result will merge in part of your page. For this one you should try directly inside your Adsense account. Similar like to setup Adsense for content, here you must customize the color of search result and the dimension of Google Search that will show on your site. Adsense for result will only paid if user use your search and click the advertiser promoted on search result, if this promotion don’t click you don’t be paid for this.

Adsense for Referral; Google Adsense will retire by the end of July on use this referral. Adsense team recommend for this referral with third party that have become a partner with Google.
To get this tutorial on how to get code and how to install the copy code, Google Adsense also have provide in Video Tutorial for this one. To get this video tutorial just click this link:

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