July 21, 2008

Review Center

When you login into your AdSense account, click Adsense Setup in the upper bar, then click again in Ad Review center. On this page you will see Ad Review center that can be use to review or block all ads that have been placement targeted to your site, that may appear on page. This review page is used to control over placement-targeted ads appearing on the page. From this review you then can allow or block individual ad groups and advertisers, as well as filter ads by type: text or image.

If choose to block ads in the Review Center, we need to provide a reason for blocking the ad group or advertiser. This reason is used for advertiser consideration for the next advertising. For example you will block the ads because the ad will disturb your product advertising.

Allowed Sites

If your Adsense ad impression want be paid you must study this Allowed site and apllied to your Adsense account. Go to allowed site after click Adsense setup than click on column bar Allowed Sites. You can identify which URLs that are allowed to display Google ads of your account. If certain URL displaying your AdSense ad code but not on your Allowed Sites list, ads will still be displayed, but impressions and clicks won't be recorded, advertisers won't be charged, and you won't receive any earnings for that URL.

Reason from Google to create this limitation is if someone else place your ad code in their site that may not inappropriate site, then the impression will not be calculated. This method use to protect Adsense publisher getting over impression for their ad advertising on Google.

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