July 9, 2008

Reorganize Adsense Channels

To get an optimize your Adsense you can observe your Adsense channel using your Adsense report. To get this report you must give the name of your Adsense code, this name called as channel. For this Adsense have two kind of channel URL channel and Custom Channel.

On the report of every channel you have, can show you report of impression, CTR, CPM and earning statistic for that specific page or ad unit. This provides you with a precise method of evaluating which sites and which locations will enable you to realize your maximum earning potential.

From those report then you can change the placement of Ad if necessary if you see that your Ad is not optimize yet or you then modified the color palettes and may change the format on unit.
Create URL Channel, URL Channels are easy to create and implement through your AdSense account. To find out how, follow these steps:

The first step is to log in and click on the AdSense Setup tab. A row of links will appear beneath the tabs - click the Channels link.

Next, make sure you are on the subtab for the right product -- AdSense for content or AdSense for search -- and that you're creating a URL channel rather than a custom channel. Click the Add new URL channel link, then create a new channel for each directory by entering their addresses (omitting the 'www') into the resulting box.

For example create two channels: One for to track the combined ad performance across all sites articles, and another for to monitor for all of forum sections.

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