August 31, 2008

Change Blogspot to Domain

You have create many blogs and you blog have result a money from Adsense advertising. May be you sometimes think that you want to change your Blogspot Address into your domain dot com. Blogspot will advise you for don't change your blogspot address because you have many reader in blogspot address or you have a good rank for your blogspot address.

If you by or will build a new address using domain dot com, this better if you build this domain from the beginning because your blogspot address or from your domain dot com can create link to your blogspot and otherwise from blogspot to your domain dot com and from your new domain you can get money from AdSense advertising.

For advertise other party such as Bidvertise or others, you better build your web using other hosting not in Google, because Google will block your advertise show in text link. But if you only want show in image adds it's will no problem to create in Google either you still can show your adsense unit in your site. One of my web that use google is on Health Tips Diseases on this Google service we can create site that completed with site map like on Viruses and Start page for search engine.

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