January 30, 2009

Send Article By Email

You can send your article by email after you set your blog email, to set this blog you in order you can send your post by email in blogger or blogspirit you must input your email address. In blogspirit you can send your post from the email that is setting first when you are logged into your account. You just send your post just from your email address that have been set become your email source for sending your post.

For example your blog name is than you can set your email address for example:, you must fill “example” and the email setting menu. You also must fill your email address that can send article to this blog. You will don’t able to send your article from other email address.

If you create your blog on blogger you must login to than click setting, and choose email. From this menu you can fill on the blank box that can send your post to this address. For example my blog address is and I login using my name Swasasi because my email address, if you using other gmail address you must login with full email address for example, than on the email box to send my post will and you must fill the blank one with your secret word.

You can post your article through your email but sometimes you must rearrange your blog post by copy and paste your posting. If you write your article directly on the internet may be your article will have a bad structure or bad composition, so usually I write my article in word first than I send my article by email. If you send your article include photo or drawing you must set your font to web font. This rule also valid if you sent to blogspirit after you sent using web format, the result will not changed. But if your article is set in other kind of font your blog will changed in format, sometime will in bad format.

After send your article by email, sometime you need to rearrange your posting. If you using Internet explorer you can copy your post and delete the contain of your post and paste the copy after the font on the box automatically become font, not Arial, sanserif, times new roman or other. If you edit your blog using fire fox, after copy your article you must change to edit in HTML, for this just click on the top right of your edit box, then paste the copy to the box. Then you click compose, you will see the real nice format. Every time you send your blog but look in bad format you can do like that. Try it.

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