March 2, 2009

How Increase Adsense Revenue

To increase Adsense revenue need page impression in a huge number every day, this conditions is not simple for new blogger like me and also may others. Page impression per day need many effort and many advertise in many place, such as in comment room or in face book in Yahoo 360, in Friendster and may also in MSN.

After get many impression of blog, then you must explore your advertisement that merge in every page, this is not a simple work. And write down of every advertisement address and evaluate what they price their promotion for every click.

We can get this data if any person click our advertisement through Google Analytic that completed with many feature to analyze of every visitor come from. From Adsense data and Analytic data we combine and get the price of every click in our blog, so we get data of advertiser price of every click. Some website have recorded this site but the accuracy may not exact so we must try by myself.

If we have some data of every advertiser website than we can use filter on Adsense to block their web merge on our website or blog. Some registered website on Google can limited the price of their advertisement on the website so that their website can always get high price for their click. Google also automatically priced the web that continue to update and also the age of the web. Older web have higher price than new web, so advertiser with high price will merge in older web. So this is make the blogger have more earning from their adsense.

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