March 4, 2009

Adsense Payment Faster For Indonesian Blogger

For Indonesian Blogger, this new feature will very helpful because the liquid process of Adsense Bank Note need long time. Not like you that stay in America, England or other country that can get your Adsense money faster that us.

For me to take the money from Adsense will need time for about 2 months, need more patient that other country that already have faster Bank facility procedure.

Right now Google Adsense offer to us a new feature for clearing the Bank Note more faster. To make more faster to liquefy the money use Western Union.

How to change your payment process setting?
  • You just log in to your Adsense Account then go to My Account on your Adsense menu bar.
  • Then go to the bottom and find Payment Detail.
  • Click on this Payment Detail and just choose and fill on the next procedure.
  • If you don’t have last name, you just fill on the first name this is also new type on subscription method on Google Adsense, because last time we can’t sign up to Google Adsense if we don’t have last name. What a pity!
We hope that our payment processes will faster that before, at least 3 weeks faster, because we already hungry for waiting the money come. Hi hi hi ……

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