May 4, 2009

Increase Page Rank Method

I have principle on how to increase your site rank. This method may different with other people because the page rank formula itself is not describing detail about page rank formula. Page rank formula just calculated how many inbound link coming, but not describe from where the inbound link come. They just said about the more inbound link to their site or page, this page or site will get higher calculation on rank. How do we stand for this statement?

I just think that every page on the internet that can be seen online have similar format, either in HTML or in PHP or in other kind of page format to form page or site that can be seen by everyone, are pages. This pages can build a link to your site and can be calculated as inbound link as long as this link is permanent page like on the web-server, on Yahoo, on Google or on many other Server. There is any condition to recognize for this link I think, Google robot can reach this link, or Yahoo or other Server like MSN can also reach to this link, then this link will be recognize and then will be calculated to increase their page rank.

Page Rank actually not important, but visitor is important, but page rank sometimes becomes a determinant for new page published can reach on first page of Google search engine. In yahoo or MSN may have different method to place their visibility on their search engine? So what do you think about link place, on email, on group mailing list, on MySpace, on FaceBook, on MyBlogLog, on BlogCatalog and many other place you can place the link. As long as Robot can reach your link, and the link also use by other people to reach your site, so the visibility of your site will have more on Google, Yahoo or MSN.

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