June 27, 2009

Webmaster Tools Update

You may long time no see to your webmaster tool in Google tool, Webmaster tool have been update now, the look of this tool is different with last time and more easy to see the summary of your web list.

When you click one of your sites on your site list, then automatically you will go to the dashboard. On this Dashboard you will see the overview of your site such as “Top Search Query’, “Crawl Error”, “Link to Your Site”, and also you can add this summary to your iGoogle homepage. This useful for you because you do not need open often to your webmaster tool.

Top Search Query:
This report show to you what page of your blog that often been search by visitor, and completed by the position on the web browser. Order number in the left side is the top search of your search, its mean that this page is the page that the most looking for by visitor. If you want these words can be your keywords.

Crawl Error:
On this report will show to what page or link that is crawl by google engine and have an error. It depend on the kind of your page or link error available on your site.

Link to your site:
Show to you how many link that come to your main site and number of link that come to every your page address. This all link will effect to your PageRank value on Google search engine result, and if you click to the link number will show to you web address from where the link come to your page.

Like on this blog, people often search with these keywords but sometimes use different keyword for the same blog page:

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