August 30, 2009

Find-out Blog Reader

To find-out blog reader is like to find-out Novel reader, eventhough they are free to read on this internet but their time is not always free. So they will filter every blog that is not qualified to read or even blog that just write an article title without contains. I often get blog with high position on search engine but after I click then just contain the title itself and advertising with no link refer to.

If you open blog like this then what will you do? You then as fast as possible to close even don't want to see the advertising on that blog. The fast do is to click back on the web browser. So your time will waste after creat many links to that kind of blog, because will no produce money from the advertising.

To findout your blog reader there are many think you should understand:
  1. Your write is include of certain category that have certain reader or will read by certain people that is love the story like that. This often called as market class. You just attract of just that market class.
  2. Temporary story, this story just tell about the famous story on that moment. After several days the story will be expired, and no body want to see.

Ok from me just have oppinion such that. Thank for your time to read.