August 17, 2009

Creating a Web Analytics Culture

As the WebProNews lately about using of Google Analytics feature can you’re your for manage , understand the Importance. There is a quote from Albert Einstein that C-level executives, marketing managers and analysts should keep in mind when it comes to establishing and nurturing a web analytics culture in their organizations. That quote is:

"Not everything that can be counted counts and, not everything that counts can be counted."

With that in mind, this provides the following seven practical tips:
  1. One size fits none. You need to understand and identify what is important to the organization. Time, money, and resources are limited, so you must use them wisely.
  2. Know your audience. Don’t try to impress your boss with a radar map or a 5-dimentional motion chart. The following is an example of what not to start off with, unless your management is very "visually inclined."
  3. Help your audience understand. Try to help your audience understand the basics. Start off with some common web metrics, and then move into task completion/conversion concepts.
  4. Plan to integrate cost data. This refers to click spend, banner ad costs, etc. Have a model for ROI (return-on-investment) calculations.
  5. Don't forget non-web Leads. Your site visitors are not all the same. Some of would buy online or submit a form online, while some just like to call and speak with someone. Bring phone data into the mix.
  6. A CRM system. For lead generation sites, a CRM system is must. Classify your leads into categories (high quality leads, junk leads, etc.) and bring this insight back into your campaign conversion and ROI calculations. It's one thing to get 10 leads @ $1000 from campaign A, it is a totally different picture when 7 of these leads are junk!
  7. Tie it all together. Tie it all together into business metrics that C-levels and business owners/managers can relate to. At the end of the day, it is not about visits, page views, conversions! It is about revenue and net profits!

This articles came from Feras Alhlou for sharing these tips with WebProNews readers, what do you thik of this opinion?