November 6, 2009

Be Careful on Using PayPal

Using paypal is like using credit card, if you give to others your mail payment to paypal, that person can use your paypal email to cost you using paypal, and then paypal will debete the payment using your paypal accound and will automatically cut your money on paypal if any. Otherwise paypal will sent invoice to your credit card as the payment tools.

Because of those condition, I would not recommend paypal to every person, because to use paypal should be studied specifically and not everyone can do that, because if someone uses paypal sometime can feel disadvantaged, because lack of paypal using knowledge, or make a mistake that has not been understood.

If you using paypal as payment tool you also should understand how to make a payment using paypal, how to cancel payment, what time the payment time limit and many others. If those condition is not understand sometime you will loose your money, because paypal still automatically make a payment by of wrong invoce. This can happen if you make a transaction then there is a limit time, but after you cancel the transaction, the vendor still can make an invoice to your paypal account, and paypal will automatically will cut your money on paypal if any. Otherwise paypal will create an invoice to your creditcard.

To make save on using paypal, your can resetup the paypal, like to remove the payment tool, then you can input again the payment tool like credit card if needed or when you make a payment using paypal.