November 11, 2009

How To Change Passive Income to Dinamyc Income

There is knowledge from marketing theory that may interesting to make our web or blog more productive to produce dollar. When you are try to produce dollar, you feel resistance at every turn; rejection is common; you are "shopped" against competitors; and you waste tons of time working with leads who simply aren't ready.

On the other hand, when you are in harvesting mode, you're working smart and scooping up sales left and right. You can spend your time at closings, on the phone with hot leads or out on the golf course because you know your prospects will call YOU when they are ready to move forward.

How can you actually make the shift from hunting mode to harvesting mode?

In most companies, the marketing department's job is to get the leads for sales department's job is to call on the leads and close the sale. But in between "getting the lead" and "closing the sale" there's a huge gap. If you close the gap, you'll make the shift from hunting mode to harvesting mode...and you will get a big profits for this.

But to make the shift, you need to recognize that: someone (either Marketing or Sales) has to be in charge of "warming the leads" that aren't hot right now but will be hot down the road.

There are five tips on how you can make the shift from hunting mode to harvesting mode:
  1. Send reluctant prospects relevant, valuable information on a scheduled, recurring basis.
  2. Communicate to prospects efficiently, aside from the normal, time-consuming, one-on-one methods.
  3. Log all communications between your office and the prospect in an organized fashion.
  4. Arm yourself and your sales reps with an arsenal of specific information that can be sent to prospects upon request.
  5. Track the progress of each lead through the sales pipeline, so you always know where every lead stands.

If you can applied this marketing method to your blog or website that always interact with your customer (visitor) then you can harvesting more money from your site because your trict will drive more visitor, that someone said you will change a passive income to dynamic income from your site that usually bigger than as usual.