January 11, 2010

Blog Not Ranked By Google

Your Blog suddenly not ranked by google, what happened?
You have work hard to create link from others into your blog, and try to workout create post to your blog but the problem come, your blog no longer ranked by Google. If you still lucky your blog rank may just down one level than before.

There are tips and clue about this matter, some webmaster tell us about this condition:
Blog not ranked by Google is signed by N/A pagerank (grey pagerank bar) on your web browser if you install it. N/A Pagerank might happened doe to of the following reasons:
  1. Your web page or blog is new, and it is not indexed by Google yet.
  2. Your web page is indexed by Google but it is not ranked yet
  3. Your web page was indexed by Google long ago, but it is recognized as a supplemental page.
  4. Your web page or the whole website is banned by Google.
Supplemental page is define by Google robot that your page only hit recently (as compare to the date of this post) cause the robot have a problem and dump thousand of sites recently. Home page of the site is currently in supplemental result as of typing this, and with the current Google hole you can throw sites into supplemental hell within 72 hours. The detail explanation of supplemental page, you can get from google blog definisition.

The other reasons is your website is banned by Google, for this matter you must read again to the Google term and condition in order can increase page rank.