January 27, 2010

Caffeine Time Come by Google

Google just lunch of new project called as “Caffeine.” Caffeine is not a dangerous substance that is contained in coffee, but this is a google program that have lunch lately. As the discussed by Matt Cutts and WebProNews there is a consisted of changes to the way Google crawls and Index the website. What is the effect of this project? It appear that more people are now seeing the effect from Caffeine out in the wild.

This project is created by Google after some reasons like of Big Daddy Update and Florida Update. This caffeine project is discussed and show in the video on “Matt Cutts posted a Video” running through his presentation from that even on his blog.

No body knows, if the condition is really cause by Caffeine effect action because Google don’t commented on the video. Caffeine will not be published until people seek by them self what is the program effect to our website. Some people also don’t believe to this new Google program until he knows the effect to their website.

January will end soon and this Google program will run over through your web and index as usual and will graded again what as Caffeine see. This caffeine effect will useless for experience publisher and because of some publisher protest of their hard work that not give them a lot of money. You must work hard and google will proud for your hard work and will give you more earning. Good work for all….