January 17, 2010

Meet Ivan a Good Adsense Publisher, No Paparazzi Please

Please don’t public my adsense earning, its embarrassing…. Ivan can get $ 10 to $ 700 a day, I may be just get $ 10 to $ 700 also, but a month and may a year. Its very embarrassing …. No paparazzi please for my earning…..

For increasing adsense earning, Ivan  may just need a little touch, but to repair my earning may a big problem for you and also for me. He is a Russian man, with a check shirt and a moustache, he is quite nerdy-looking, and although have a moustache, he abhor check shirts.

Ivan said to shift Adsense earning from just $10 per day to $ 700 per day, is not difficult. He just change the format from 468x60 banner at the bottom of their pages to 300x250 medium rectangles. One place just at the top of their content, and another placed directly under the main content on each page. And also using blended color. Make higher changes of Adsense revenues when change their 300x250 rectangle from the top of their pages to a location more embedded in their content. After that, earning went to over $1,700 per day! Amazing.

But if you try to move to many side on your blog you may change your adsense revenue but your visitor also must high, my experience are different the revenues keep constant, zero consistent. Oh embarrassing …..