March 23, 2010

The Way to Get Link to your Website

As many of you already know, guest posting is a great way to get links. However, it hasn't always been that easy to get links through guest posting.

The biggest problem with guest posting has always been the difficulty of getting a post onto other sites. You have always had to email the blogger who owns the site, talk about ideas for a guest post, get the thumbs up, and then proceed to write a post that's good enough to get published on their blog. This isn't an easy process and for that reason, most people never get around to it.

I've done a lot of guest posting the hard way and can tell you that it's definitely worthwhile. However, I can also tell you that getting a post up on a site will take a lot of work and time. Even though it's useful for bloggers and site owners to get free content, it can be difficult to establish the connections that make guest posting actually happen.

With that in mind, we created an interface that allows site owners to locate sites that are willing to accept guest posts and also allows them to write the guest post and submit it to the blog of their choice, all from one location. So far many blogs have been added to this system. These blogs are organized according to categories to make it easier for people who are looking for blogs to post on.

The Rules of Using The Guest Posting System
  1. Only posts that are 300+ words can be submitted using the system.
  2. Two links are allowed within posts.
  3. Duplicate content is not allowed.
  4. Spam content is not allowed.
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