August 12, 2009

Update and Create Link

Update your blog every day if you like your blog have more visitor and don’t forget to create link inter your blog article will more exist on search engine. This work of course need more hard work and spent more time to create any new contain as your blog articles, but no one can success on this internet money hunting without work hard.

Routinely and update regularly make blog visibility more often than blog that never updated or just once a month. If you create many link on one article will make many others article will show again by using of search engine so automatically will create a high chance on getting click on your AdSense advertising.

The article you write also as can as possible be interest for others and lessen competitor on search engine, but this method usually difficult because zillion people write with the same topic every day and sometime they also will copy the same topic from others and their blog automatically will merge more new then yours with higher page rank if you are not create more link into your interested article more and more. So you can create more link into your article if you always write new article on your blog and from other blog to yours.

If you work discipline everyday, I guarantee that your blog will get more visitor. You should create more friendship on this internet in order to get traffic regularly from your friend. You also visit their blog and they also will visit you.