July 21, 2010

Get Money From Your Email

You can get money from your email if you know how to use it. If you are become an entrepreneur of course you can promote your product and you can sell your product through email, but this is still normal and usually people do like this think. Offer some products through email can be said as traditional marketing system currently. This work done by general people that know little of information system. But offer product through email just limited by how much you have people’s address. If all have been offered and they don’t want to buy your product, so your marketing is stopped and no others buy again.

Email marketing through individual email directly will limited to the number of people who can be offered. The more effective email marketing is through social groups that forwarded your email to other member. This is very effective and group member in Yahoo and Google beside send to members also they are published in website. So other that is not a member of that group also can read your promotion. Using this system still being limited by member moderator that sometimes prohibit of promotion purposes email and they can removed even block your email marketing.

Other way of using email for getting money from website is sent to blog that can be published automatically and you can created link also. This way can be said very effective because Google will index article and link by the time. And other blog url that link from your email also will get back link as soon as after published.