July 27, 2010

The Power of Link

If you have missing file on your web or blog, it can cause of there are no strength enough the power of link to your site or blog address or even there are no link to file on your blog address. Small strength power of link that connects to your file just have short term availability but strong power of link can make your file longer stay on search engine.

To create link full of power have been describe by Blogger itself that your article should be as little as 300 word and contain maximum just 3 link inside, beside that condition your article should have good quality so that not just you will create link to your article but from other people also will create a link to yours. But hope from other people create link to you is not often be, you yourself should create a link if you want your file always available.

Three link is enough of every article has inbound link but the three of those article always available, if the three link of that article are not available anymore, there is possibility that your main article will lost from search engine. The great afford if you can create qualified article and make a link from them, this article will recognize by search engine as qualified article and always keep on their memory as a reference. If this article also have many inbound link, your article possible will merge in the first page of search engine every time people search with certain keyword.

So to create powerful link is not simple, beside need qualified article, your article must be original, not copy from others on this internet and that article is original product of your think. You can add the power of article by adding inbound link to your article from other good article also. More qualified article you have, your article will high possibility will see by other people and have high possibility merge in the first page of search engine. So this way more longer people work on their blog will more article they have because everyday they published at least one qualified article to the internet, and their article link to other qualified articles.