July 12, 2010

Time Investment

Business in the internet means like time investment, you can create blog freely and you even being paid by Google or other marketing promotion program that you follow. But many question from blogger who follow this kind of program still don’t get money even just $ 10 a month. Business in the internet likes time investment, because you don’t spent money, but you can get money from them. More old your blog age then more expensive the price of your blog this mean that more time you spent your time to fill your blog and more value your blog and you will more make money from your blogger. Blogger that get thousand dollar from their blogger a month, they have work more than 5 years to work on and fill their blog with articles routine. More article they post on their blogger mean more value of your blog price, and your blog have chance to get more money.

To write like this mean need time expense everyday, and someday you will harvest of your investment. There are no blogger get huge money for just 1 year working, many of them have more than 5 years work out. They spent their time, to fill their blog continuously, 1 year, 2 year, 3 year and at last their huge article spread on the internet. Many competitors on this internet so they also compete with other blogger in order the visitor will landed into their article. So beside of writing articles, we also need of SEO management in order our article will merge on the first page of Google search engine or yahoo search engine. This need special technique should be applied to your article so you will get huge visitor to your blog every day. Beside just to write many articles, you should write good article or qualified article, so many visitor will read your article and value knowledge for them.

We cannot against older blogger because they have more article than you, they have more qualified article being posted. You must productive and should be creative in order visitor will always looking for you and landed in your blog when they are looking for something. Experience blogger always write something that in for currently news, because they also have more experience so they will more confidence to publish article and will get more visitor from their simple articles.