July 7, 2010

Adsense Earning VS Articles

Is there any relationship between Adsense Earning with number or articles? Yes it is. But every article that you included on your number of article must be exist on the web, it is mean that if your article be searched by type a complete address on Google Search Engine, your article merge, or if you search by “site:http://yourURLAddress” all your that include in your number articles are exist in search engine.

Every of your blog article is exist on search engine, and then you can begin to calculate by the formula below:

Number of article exist on Internet: .3,000
Adsense Earning (USD $)……….: ...100

If you have article on the internet about 10,000 then you will have Adsense earning formula, by using that formula comparison:

10,000/3,000 x 100 = USD $ 333,33

This calculation just as rough calculation for average people that can’t always create interesting article. There are many condition in order your article can exist on this internet, first your article should contains minimum 300 words or have many inbound link from some article that always exist in this internet, if article that link to yours don’t exist, it will don’t calculate anymore. Because its no use because will no visitor come from this link.

So its need work hard and very creative to get high income, not just duplicate article from others and you will got a lot of money. It is very easy, you need hard work, at least you need always create link to yours or you can create very interesting article so that people will freely to link to your article.