August 15, 2010

SEO Learning

The difficult subject of learning is SEO learning, the difficult of this learning because of several reasons, such as:
  1. We learn SEO from free online learning, so there is no guarantee that what has learned is true and soon can be proof after we are apply to our website.
  2. We don’t learn from professional teacher or we can’t prove that our teacher is professional. Actually this is similar when we are learning in college, not all our teacher are professional so what we have learned can’t be proved on our life, even we get our life from other subject, not from what we have learned, from what we have pay for that sometimes very expensive.
  3. We don’t consistent to do what we have applied to our website.
  4. We have read something about SEO then we apply to our website, all conditions have done too, but we can’t proof it in a short time because there are many competitors on this internet.
  5. SEO also always changed, but the basic rule is still valid. This is should be understood and valid for all website.
  6. Competition still runs on while we need an real result from the rule that we have used on the website. Proving need time usually about two years for newbie. After he knows what have prove actually he just started to use of new rule of tom on using SEO for their website. This is normal for autodidact while other Webster also has runaway and then he just know who are their competitors.
We are learning like on the crowded system, we don’t now what is right and what is wrong, what is more stable and what is just for a while. Actually we can observe to just people who have succeed on this internet and we are always watching what he do, but we can’t watch on and on, because he also always do some experiment, like what we do on this internet. But I just give a little advise, do by yourself and apply it to your website, someday your work will result something. May be not now, but keep work, someday will happen.