September 16, 2010

AdSense Earnings Up or Down

Many peoples reported that their Adsense earning are down, but some others tell that their Adsense earning are up. There’s been little consensus, lots of possibilities explanations, but nothing might call as conclusive. From poll Search Engine Roundtable (just 43 participants follow this momentum) shows just over the half reporting that their Adsense earning are down, the other less than half said that their earning are increasing.

The samples are too little can’t represent the real condition of Adsense earning, but it does match a bit with the report at Webmaster World some are losing, some aren’t. The real condition is difficult to describe, after the crisis happen in America, actually have affected to the advertising industry that they lessen their budget. But other reason also possible to say that the publisher number are growing up day by day, so the competitor of us as Adsense publisher more hard day by day.

An ad's cost-per-click is determined by a number of factors, according to the AdSense blog's explanation: More than conversion rate goes into determining the price of an ad: the advertiser's bid, the quality of the ad, the other ads competing for the space, the start or end of an ad campaign, and other advertiser fluctuations.

Too many ads, including unrelated ads (lack of focus on content, lack of central theme)
Confusing layouts (not end-user focused) Webmasters also reported conversations they had with the Google AdSense team, who told them the sharp decline likely has to do with advertiser budgets, many of which would understandably be tightened after the holiday crunch, and perhaps even more so during economic uncertainty.

An interesting frustration was also presented. Google's smart pricing, according to forum members applies account-wide. A webmaster with many sites but one AdSense account could experience a hit on all of his or her sites, instead of just one or two. This brings down the revenue potential of the more popular sites the webmaster owns.

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