January 26, 2011

How to Use Google Analytic

If you use Google analytic you can see your performance of every article post on your blog. Actually every your page on your blog can be assume as your website page. Well-known website usually because of this address often being promoted and treated as single page that link by them selves from many other page they are created. Blog page can be assume as web page on your blog, because you have hundreed blogpost on your blog, so you can't treated of every post on your blog as page. You can't research on every page of your blogpost, even if you don't have inbound link to certain of your blog post then your blog post will not exist on search engine.

By using google analytic you can watch of every blogpost on your blog. For example of my blog with title: Basic Process of Electroplating.

If I look on the Google analytic this blog page is searched by many keywords, and all these keywords possible be landed on those blog page. You can see the report go to this page using keywords:

You can see on the picture that people who search with several keywords can landed to my certain blogpost. As in general Google analytic show global graph report, total visitor who landed to your blog, but actually this report also can see how many visitor landed to certain blog post or blog address. This report can use for us to analyse of every single page or to know how many people visit to certain blog post day by day, so you may will concentrate to your blog post or article to create back link or build more strength to your blog post.

The below picture are the drawing of visit on certain blog post or blog post address: