June 15, 2011

Article Analyses

If you write a blog, actually not all of your article on your blog have huge visitor. For overall of your blogs, may just several have huge visitor or none among your articles being favored by visitor. For example I have a blog with title “Viruses Microbes,” on this blog just two articles that have much visitors, the two of those articles are virus reproduction and “diseases caused by viruses”.

If I observe how the visitor use keyword to reach this articles for each articles as follows:

Title “virus reproduction”:
Virus reproduction
Reproduction of virus
Reproduction in virus
Reproduction of virus
Reproduction of viruses
Viruses reproduction
The reproduction of virus
Reproduction virus
The reproduction of viruses

Title “diseases caused by viruses”:
Diseases caused by viruses
Diseases caused by virus
Disease caused by viruses
10 diseases caused by viruses
Disease caused by virus
10 diseases caused by virus
10 diseases caused by viruses
Diseases caused by microbes
Diseases caused by virus

Then if I observe from the search query, just for keyword have meaning, the data as follows:
Query: diseases caused by viruses
Visit: 2000
Click: 90
Query: virus reproduction
Visit: 700
Click: 70
Query: diseases caused by virus
Visit: 320
Click: 16
Query: Reproduction of virus
Visit: 170
Click: 35

And I observe again on the how many link to those articles:
Title: “virus reproduction”
External link: 1 domain 2
Internal link: 16

Title: “diseases caused by viruses”
External link: 0
Internal link: 16

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