May 13, 2011

Create Link Like Spider

Your blog should create link each others in order get better on search engine.


Generally there is one main difference - a trackback is forced by a human blogger while a pingback occurs automatically by the blogging software.

The different of pick back and trackback is not to clear. Where trackback is "Here's what I think of that" a pingback is more simply "I'm using that".

Trackbacks are intentional attention grabbers that give an opinion of another blogger's work. A pingback merely informs another blog that you are referencing their writing.


Pingbacks mean when I reference to my own blog posts within my blog. I use the blogging system WordPress which automatically sends pingbacks if I link to one of my previous articles, creating a link between the two blog entries.

Linking between your own articles is a good thing, and certainly pingbacking your own entries helps make the process efficient because it's automatic, but there is a lot more you can do proactively to create links between your own blog posts. As with most things in blogging, there is a "smarter way".

Interlinking Blog

Interlinking means when you link one of your own pages to another internally within a website. On creating link its mean that you also just create keyword for blog destination.

Since you control your site you can control your blog's entire internal linking structure. This is important for traffic because of how search engines work.

If you want the search engines to rank every single page of your blog you need to make sure they can find every page.

Search engines use little software programs called "spiders" or "bots" that trawl around the web following links and "indexing" all the content of web pages.

If your site is internally linked well together then you make it easy for the little spiders to index every page of your blog.


I will briefly mention sitemaps because they are a convenient way to tell the search engines where all your pages are. Most search engines do a pretty good job of finding pages but sometimes they have trouble indexing your entire site, especially if your site is new.

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