April 1, 2012

Blog Much View By Visitor

We know that not all our articles post are visit by visitor or read by our visitor. We can analyze what article much visit by visitor by using Google Analytic tools. Every blogger user already accomplished by this tool if they want to activate this tool.

For example, not all my blogs are visited by many visitor, some of them even don't read. The most blog visited by visitor as follows:

Blog Adhesive Formula
Polyvinyl Acetate Adhesive
Urea Formaldehyde Adhesive
Resorcinol Formaldehyde
Properties of Phenol Formaldehyde

Blog Electroplating:
Chromium Plating
Basic Process Electroplating
Example of Electroplating Product
Copper Pyrophosphate Plating
Cyanide Solution

Anodizing Process
Anodizing Process
Anodizing in Oxalic Acid
Alkaline Solution
Phosphoric/Sulfuric/Chromic Acid Solution
Solution Type for Electroplating

Animals World
Java Rhinoceros  Recognize Infrared
Python Snake Found in Swimming Pool
Siamese Fighting
Brontotherium or Brontosaurus

Automobile Blog:
Charlize Therons Car
Mercedes Jeep G55
VGT on Diesel Engine
Mitsubishi Facelift

You can see not that the most visited by visitor is not new articles, some of them are old articles. This may because of that articles, often merge in the first page or second page of Search Engine, so many visitor are visited to those articles. But this still don't shown that articles are the most given many clic, to see this should be using different tool to analyze.

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