March 27, 2012

Ten of Tools For Adsense Publisher

Ten tools usable for Adsense Publisher:

  1. Adwords Bidding Tool/Traffic estimator, even I still don’t use this tool but some publisher said that this tool help for Adsense Publisher like us. Using this tool we will know how big value of certain keyword. 
  2. Overture Bidding Tool, Even this tool still estimate of predicts the keyword with high paying keyword. 
  3. Word Tracker, this tool can help us to know what topik keyword existing on certain blog. 
  4. Competitive Ads Filter, this tool already exist on every google account. This filter can use to block certain advertise on your blog. 
  5. Adsense Notifier (firefox), using firefox can see adsense click, impression and so on. 
  6. Adsense Preview Tool (explorer), This tool rather similar with sandbox, but you can see ads that will merge on your blog easily. But this tool just for internet explorer user only. 
  7. Adsense Sandbox, can see what advertise will merge on our blog, or using certain keyword. 
  8. Adsene Calculator, tool to count how much we will get money from adsense by using the current blog condition. 
  9. Ads Blacklist, can help you to find site address with MFA (made for adsense sites) to enter in competitive ad filter on your adsense (item No.4). 
  10. Contextual Ads Preview/Comparison Tool

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