July 12, 2008

Generating Channel Reports

After you creating channels for your Adsense installed in your page, then you can create report for all your adsense installed. Using this feature you can create certain report that you will display or save into your computer in Excel file.

To create this report follows the step as follows. The data is organized for you in report form and can be retrieved by taking the following steps:

  1. After logging in, click on the link to 'Advanced Reports'
  2. Select the product you're tracking: AdSense for content or AdSense for search.
  3. Then click the radio button labeled Channel data.
  4. Next choose the date range in which you're interested.
  5. Now choose the channels for which you'd like to assemble a report by using the check boxes.
  • Note: To easily find a particular group of channels, use the search function.
  • According to the naming convention described in the custom channels section, if you wanted to find all of the channels associated with your home page, you'd type 'Home' in the 'Find Channels' box. Similarly, if you wanted to find all of the channels associated with rectangular ad boxes, you'd search for 'Rect'. Once you've completed the search, you can simply select all of the results or choose them individually.

Once you've selected the desired channels, decide how you'd like to group the data.

  • For a day-by-day report of the data from the selected channels choose the Date radio button.
  • For an aggregate report of channel statistics over a selected date range, choose the Channels radio button.
  • For a comprehensive evaluation of one or more channels' performance displayed by date, choose the Both radio button.

Finally, click the Display Report button.

The view of organizing those report like below image:

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