July 17, 2008

Channels Definition

On general definition channels mean like a river or something to connect you to certain place. So using channels will able to view the detail report about the performance of specific pages where is placed ad units. If we give a certain name than we can analyze of every channel of our ads that is placed in certain place like in laderboard or as banner in side of pages, or compare between our page about certain articles. We can create a channel to track each of separate domains, so we can see where the clicks are coming from. While channels can be used to track performance and revenue, they won't have any effect on our earnings or ad targeting.

There are two types of channels from which to choose: URL channels, and custom channels.

URL Channels enable us to track the performance without modifying ad code. Create this channel by entering a full or partial of your URL name; we can begin tracking the performance of particular pages in our site. We can enter a top-level domain name to track all of the pages on that domain, or enter a partial URL to track all of the pages below a certain directory. Entering a full URL will track the performance of that particular page.

URL channels are only available for AdSense for content pages. If we would like to track our AdSense for search performance, we can use custom channel.

Custom channels enable us to track the performance of specific ad units based on your specified criteria. By pasting channel-specific ad code into your pages, you can track a variety of metrics across a range of URLs. Use custom channels to track the performance of different ad formats, for example, or to compare different page topics to one another. To learn how to create and assign custom channels.

We can also turn any custom channel into an ad placement on which advertisers can choose to place their ads. We can create this channel up to 200 different name, 200 for AdSense channels, plus 200 AdSense for search channels available for each publisher. We can use channels to gain the insight that is needed to optimize our site's performance. It's easy to add, deactivate, or rename the channels, and customized reports are simple to generate.

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