August 23, 2008

Adsense Tips

Are you looking for secret tips of adsense? Do you want to earn thousands of dolars from your blog/website. Let us learn the secret tips of adsense and make tons of $$$$$$. First read carefully adsense programme policies. before you start. Don't click on the adsense ads or ask some one to click on it. Don't try to be clever; google adsense is much smarter than you. Learn carefully Adsense Optimisation Tips. You should keep in mind the main point in the webmaster guidelines is to make sites for visitors, not for search engines. Visitor-friendly design makes for search engine friendly design as well. Learn more Search engine optimization tips and make sure you have acquired sufficient inbound links. Learn more How to get inbound links. Read Page ranking tips and if your page rank is high you may earn from Adsense: Page Impression also. Since Traffic is the life blood of your site/blog so try your level best to drive More Traffic for your blog/website.

Your blog/website should not be slow or take much time to load. If your blog/site take much time your visitors simply skip to other for their information. In a recently survey Amamai suggested that that four seconds is maximum length of time an average online shopper will wait for a web page to load before potentially abandoning a retail site. So try to make your site faster to grasp more traffic. To make your website faster avoid big pictures or images. You may split your picture/image into pieces. Don't lengthen your content. If your content is big your blog/site will be slow. So limit your content with 300 words to 400 words in a particular page. Avoid HTML tables especially nested tables. This will slow your page. You may use CSS layers instead. Move all HTML code present inside 'style' tags to an external CSS file for better result. If you have maximum Javascript code, move all the code to a separate external file that would load just once. Don't allow Blog Chats, or Weather forecast widgets etc. in your page. They will do nothing but slower your site/blog. Don't fill your page with irrelevant words. Choosing right Top Key words is important secrets tips. Other secret adsense tips to earn lots of money is to place AdSense in your links pages. Most of the sites have links on their website for other resources.You should categorize links directory or a few links pages grouped together for better result. Adsense will show targeted ads on the relevant pages.

Another secret is Don't open your page frequently. Adsense Ads in your page should be minimum. Thereby your CTR will be high. You should also keep in mind to get clicks in the adsense ads that the text ads of your page should be the same background as your site page. Also use ads without border. From custom channels you can understand what ad is performing better. Filter your adsense ads accordingly. Do not miss to read How much will earn through this programme

Last but not the least I would like to say one thing that don't be selfish. If you have visited a site which is helpful for you, you should comment and give a link to the site. If you give a link you may get links from others in future. So be co-operative.

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