August 18, 2008

Paid Participation Tips and Effect in Google Page Rank

If your blog decide to follow for paid participation be careful of the effect of your site rank in Google. Because not all affiliate program can increase your money revenue. After you follow some affiliate program, some negative effect can happen to your blog especially in Google Page Rank.

Google also have third party have work together with, this is better if you just follow to this affiliate program if you want follow some affiliate program and your blog still exist in Google. To know what third party that has been working together with Google, you can search directly in Google Search with keyword ‘Google Third Party Affiliate’. Google don’t want other party advertise in text format of their advertisement in their free page or your web with AdSense account, because this can overlap with AdSense advertising program.

But if your blog have too far unintentionally, and this makes your blog rank becomes Zero in Google page rank. Some tips and action may able to try to your blog as follows:

Remove your paid participation program then reported to Google, if you’re paid participation is no more effective. To do this you can log on into your Google account and go to Webmaster tool, inside this tool there is some tool to make about this report.

If you don’t want to remove your participation program and your blog have no link (internal link and external link) as webmaster tools record (even though your blog have allot of links), you can try the next tips.

Remove your blog URL in webmaster tools; then add your blog URL again like register for new Blog into webmaster tools, then create again your sitemaps.

Republish some of your blog that contains of links (internal links or external links). To make republish like you create new link in your blog or insert new text in your blog article then publish.

Then you must be patient and pray to God for waiting your blog being index again by Google. After your blog being index by Google then your internal and external links will calculate by Google, and for this reason your blog may recalculate of real page rank in Google.


  1. Great post! Does ADIFY have an effect as you've mentioned?

  2. I have an experience to follow certai n paid participation, and after I install javascript code then the Google rank down to zero after few weeks, and for long time Google want recognize my article, even I often sent new post on that blog, look to my other blog here Health Tips Diseases


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