August 1, 2008

Get Listing in Search Engine

After you completed create your blog or site and
have apply an AdSense code into your Blog/Site then you must make your site can search by Search Engine like at Google Search or in Yahoo Search or at MSN Search engine. Be careful to write your site address must complete and don’t write wrong, for this purpose you can use copy from your explorer bar and paste to Submit.

For this purpose you must submit or add your site address to those search engine, at Google, Yahoo and MSN, also may be other web server engines. After you add to each search engine you should be patient to get listing on each search engine. To check if your site have listed by search engine, you can try by write your address (for example: at each search engine and then click search. If still don’t listing yet you must be patient for waiting until listing.

Especially for google you can use Webmaster tools. To reach Webmaster tools you must login into your google account, or AdSense account that is possible unite in one. Then you must add every of your site address name to this webmaster tools. After add your site to Google Webmastertool, then verify your site on the next step if your site still don’t any code that must inserted to your site, there is a message “NOT VERIFIED”. Then choose the type to verify on the text ‘choose verification method’ box.

Then choose the type to verify on the text ‘choose verification method’ box.

There are two type can be use for verify your site, if you create site in Blogger you can choose: ‘Add a meta tag’ then will merge the code in box in the below of the text.

Copy this code and paste into your head section on your blog or site before the body

If you create your site in the Web format you can choose ‘Upload HTML file’, then on the box below it will merge code as like this one:


and the guideline as below:

1. I've created a file named google79ae8477f0dc68e8.html.

2. I've uploaded the file to and can view http://your in my browser.

You should create an HTML file with name google79ae8477f0dc68e8 the uploaded to your site, this file possible empty.

After you verified this code, in a few minutes or 24 four hours, your site will listed in Google Search Engines.

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  1. This is interesting, as I'm still unsure where I actually place the code on my site, (sorry I'm not very literate as you can see) any help for a dummy, thanks, interesting blog..


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